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    Austin, TX

"I would just like to say thank you. Without your assistance, I would be unable to have a home."
~Ruby, Housing Choice Voucher Program resident

The Housing Authority of the City of Austin owns and operates 1,928 units of conventional public housing in 19 developments throughout Austin. Development sites range from high-rise apartments on Town Lake to small duplexes in residential neighborhoods. HACA also offers single-family homes throughout the city. Residents living in public housing have a wide variety of services available to them. Resident Services include everything from providing referrals and resources to assisting residents in becoming economically independent. Residents who apply for public housing units are assigned to units as they become available and do not have the option to choose the HACA community in which they live.

We're a different kind of housing authority -- we see residents as customers and are continuing to think outside the box. The Housing Authority of the City of Austin is dedicated to a set of shared values that serve as the foundation of what we do.

Employees of HACA come from all walks of life, and our accents and the languages we speak are varied. Our skintones are a colorful canvas. Some of us have young fresh perspectives and others bring the wisdom that only years of experience can provide. Some of us have PhDs, while others have less formal education and are masters of a trade. We are world travelers and homebodies, outgoing and reserved, left and right brained.

We are brought together by our strong work ethic and compassion for the residents we serve. Regardless of our differences we are "people people."

At HACA we work hard and play hard. Read about employee organizations like the Employee Recognition Committee and the Safety Committee . Learn about what benefits and training opportunities make HACA an excellent place to work. And if you're as impressed with HACA as we are, check out our job postings and come join us!

The HACA Mission
The Housing Authority of the City of Austin is a public agency whose business is to:

  • Ensure safe, quality affordable housing opportunities exist for families of low income;
  • Break the poverty cycle by serving as a catalyst for our residents to become economically self-sufficient;
  • Create meaningful partnership to maximize available community resources for our residents; and
  • Efficiently and effectively meet federal, state and local mandates.

The Housing Authority of the City of Austin will pursue entrepreneurial opportunities to address emerging trends and respond to the challenges of the future.

The HACA Vision
We, the Housing Authority of the City of Austin, dedicate ourselves to creating and sustaining healthy communities that promote individual responsibility, economic growth, human dignity and hope for the future.