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Food Production Specialist I - Crockett High School (CURRENT AISD EMPLOYEES ONLY)

at Austin Independent School District

Posted: 8/9/2019
Job Reference #: 30163
Keywords: food

Job Description

Openings as of 8/25/2019
06 - Food Service

  • Food Production Specialist I - Crockett High School (CURRENT AISD EMPLOYEES ONLY) JobID: 30163
  • Position Type:
    06 - Food Service

  • Date Posted:

  • Location:
    Food Service

  • Date Available:

  • For Fiscal Year:

    • 4 hour shift: 9:30 am - 2:00 pm


    This position requires eight (8) years of education, with at least one (1) month experience as a Food Service Substitute.


    Incumbent must be able to read, write, and have simple arithmetic skills. Incumbent must be able to utilize basic writing and math skills, follow oral and written instructions, and understand operation, precautions and cleaning of kitchen equipment. Incumbent will be required to accurately operate a POS (Point of Sale) and complete associated paperwork.


    Incumbent sets up and serves meals and snacks. Incumbent prepares or assists with food preparation, and cleans kitchen and equipment. Incumbent operates a POS during meal sessions.

    • Consistently prepares high quality food through following recipes and practicing sound cooking methods without assistance, and must be able to assist or head one food department.
    • Serves on the serving line in compliance with USDA Child Nutrition Regulations.
    • Replenishes and backs serving line and prepares foods.
    • Abides by all state and local health and sanitation codes and has good working knowledge of HACCP practices and principles.
    • Operates the dish machine and sanitizes dish room area.
    • Safely operates, and thoroughly cleans and sanitizes all kitchen equipment and areas.
    • Properly cleans, restocks, and rotates stock in all food and non-food storage areas and accurately records inventory used on daily usage forms
    • Sweeps and mops kitchen and related storage areas.
    • Rotates on all service and clean-up duties.
    • Operates a Point Of Sale (POS) accurately and in compliance with Child Nutrition Regulations, and is able to count and balance cash trays at the end of a meal session.
    • Assists Manager with teaching and training of Food Production Specialists I & II, and substitute employees as directed.
    • Must be able to interact in a pleasant manner with fellow employees, managers and all customers.

    Perform other related duties as assigned; however, all employees are expected to comply with lawful directives in rare situations driven by need where a team effort is required.


    Working conditions (varying with each kitchen): congested kitchen, no windows, lack of air flow and/or air cooling system, high noise level. In all kitchens; most of the working day is spent standing or walking on hard surfaces; peak hours are very rushed and physically exhausting. Incumbent may encounter slippery floors, equipment that can cause cuts, crushed fingers and/or burn, heavy containers that may need to be lifted, caustic cleaning supplies and insect repellents that are used daily or periodically. This position may involve rare exposure to blood or body fluids. Regular attendance is required for this position.


    Measurement in Terms of Frequency:

    Not at All Occasionally Frequently Constantly
    0 1-33% 34-66% 67-100%

    Physical Requirements: (Constantly unless otherwise noted)
    Manual and finger dexterity (handling of knives, slicer, food chopper, mixer, dish machines, steamers, etc.)
    Eye-hand coordination (utilizing serving utensils, operating a POS)
    Ability to lift a minimum of 25# and receive assistance (Seek help, or utilize a cart) for any items greater than 25 pounds.
    Ability to climb 2-5 level step stools-occasionally
    Ability to stand for long periods of time on hard surfaces, (concrete or tile), for at least 80 to 100% of the scheduled work day, ranging from 4 to 7 hours).
    Talking- yes (interacting with customers, fellow employees and management)
    Hearing- yes (interacting with customers, fellow employees and management)
    Feeling – yes (handling both hot and cold items; must strive to avoid cuts and burns)
    Tasting/Smelling – yes (determining food quality of both food and drink items)
    Seeing- yes (determining food quality, operating POS and completing duties safely)
    Body Movements:
    Bending/Stooping- Frequently (preparing, serving and cleaning)
    Squatting - Occasionally
    Reaching - Frequently
    Pushing – Frequently
    Pulling – Frequently
    Up to 25 pounds - constantly
    Greater than 25 pounds - occasionally with assistance
    Repetitive Movements:
    Hands: Both right and left – frequently (preparing food items, serving, backing line, operating a POS, cleaning, dish room activities)
    Feet: Both right and left-frequently (preparing food items, operating cash register, serving, backing line, cleaning, dish room activities)
    Environment: (varies with facility)
    Inside: 98% of workday spent in kitchen
    Temperature: Fluctuates depending on season and cooling systems in each kitchen and cafeteria.
    Noise Level: High (student interaction, equipment, and typical kitchen activity)
    Space: Sometimes congested, often no windows, slippery floors.
    Outside: 2% of workday spent outside kitchen (unloading garbage into dumpsters)
    Material Used: Caustic cleaning and sanitizing solutions used daily or periodically.
    Fumes: hazardous with some cleaning compounds (for example, oven cleaner), and lingering fumes from insect repellant.


    Incumbent reports directly to the Food Services Manager assigned to their school. At the Food Service Managers request, incumbent may be supervised by a Food Services Manager Trainee and may receive some work direction from other department heads. Incumbent will have regular contact with other department heads, Food Service Manger Trainees, Food Service Managers, Area Supervisors, students, and other Austin ISD personnel.


    _____ 1. Assists with preparation of items on daily menu for meals through portioning and panning.

    _____ 2. Efficiently serves on the serving line.

    _____ 3. Efficiently replenishes serving line.

    _____ 4. Demonstrates competency after training in operating, cleaning and sanitizing the dish machine and dish room.

    _____ 5. Demonstrates competency after training in cleaning and sanitizing large kitchen equipment; and operating, cleaning and sanitizing small equipment.

    _____ 6. Sweeps and mops kitchen and storage areas.

    _____ 7. Rotates on all serving and clean-up duties and/or may operate a POS.

    _____ 8. Properly cleans, restocks and rotates stock in all food and non-food storage areas, and assists in putting away grocery and cleaning supplies. Records inventory used on daily usage form.

    _____ 9. Exhibits average or above average speed of production, and clean working habits to be considered an employee for Regular employment.

    _____ 10. Follows all safety procedures and techniques, and promotes safety awareness.

    _____ 11. Follows all state and local health department codes and is familiar with HACCP practices

    _____ 12. Must maintain good attendance and punctuality record.

    _____ 13. Consistently demonstrates the ability to interact in a pleasant manner with fellow employees, management and customers.

    _____ 14. Helps wherever needed in all departments in a cooperative manner as part of the work team.

    _____ 15. Daily observations and mini-evaluation of performance are adequate or above.

    Employee Signature _____________________________________ Date:______________________

    Manager Approval _____________________________________ Date:______________________

    Supervisor Approval _____________________________________ Date:______________________

    Director Approval _____________________________________ Date:______________________

    Pay Grade: MT1
    Starting Salary: $13.00/Hr

    Closing Date: Until Filled

    An Equal Opportunity Employer